A Soft Snowy Forest

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March 2018
Near Mammoth Lakes, CA
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I can not even begin to say how many times I have walked in this particular group of Aspens here in the eastern Sierra. I first spotted the inherit possibilities here maybe twenty years ago. I believe it took those years to acquire the "artistry" to see the "visions in my mind", then the composition skills, and then more years to master Lightroom, to bring my "inner visions" to this final form. Each of these three ideas is a huge learning curve. It takes years to be in aware of we are feelings in the right-side of our brains. What is it that brought me to this particular spot? Why did I stop the car here? By this time, composition skills are almost automatic. And recently Lightroom has wonderfully changed the entire process of post-processing. Really it is a great time to be a photographer.