The Forests of Northern Minnesota

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October 2022
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I am resting in an RV Park in Boise City, in the Oklahoma Panhandle, it is really a long way home this time. Both Margaret and I were taken aback by the Autumn Colors around Lake Superior including the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and especially by the week spent in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. At times the color was fire-engine red everywhere. For me it was so enthralling, it was easy to follow a good friends’ advice, he has been workshops assistance for years too. I have known Derrick Vocelka for many years, in many different ways starting a dirt bag climber! But now his quote was so right on. And with the astonishing colors his idea was delightful!

“The camera is what corrals it, captures it, catches it, and sometimes steals it. The photograph is what I see, what I think I see, what I feel I saw, maybe what I imagined I saw, mostly I make it what I want to see.”

 Lake Superior was extraordinary. It was cold, rainy on our visit, and the people we met along our way, would never move away, even with -30F in the depths of winter. It’s home. I must admit that the Autumn experience around the lake was not on my radar in all these years of my career.