An Enchanting Sunset at Lake Tahoe

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July 2019
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I have been avoiding Lake Tahoe for years, especially in the summer months. And it was so easy to have excuses—too hot, too much traffic, too much of almost anything! This attitude was a mistake on my part. Sure it can be hot and crowded, but even at a cursory look at the "Light upon the Lake", Lake Tahoe is marvelous. My wife, Margaret, recently participated in a four-day handbells conference at Zephyr Point on the Nevada side of the Lake. We had a lakeside cabin where it seemed the mountains dropped as one into the deep blue lake. It was a profoundly peaceful spot. Zephyr Point is a place where spiritual renewal takes place in your life. I was charmed by the location and atmosphere each day, and enchanted by bike-riding around the Lake, resting later, and shooting later each evening. The rest time gave me a chance to reflect upon my life with a serious brain tumor, to realize that EVERY day is special, unique, and a gift. One evening there was one of those amazing rare sunsets where everything and everyone pauses, all of us stop whatever we were doing and look at and over Lake Tahoe. It was an enchanting sunset—even spiritual—never to be forgotten. For a few minutes the lake and the sky glowed together, with barely a break between them.
I know I will go back to Lake Tahoe!