Convict Lake and the Milky Way

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July 2020
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In all of my years of photographing the eastern Sierra, Convict Lake is perplexingly difficult. Sunrise light is often problematic, the Autumn colors are very hard to arrange for a good capture. This last summer I can across some samples of Convict on Google, and the solution was obvious. Night. One quick trip scouting and one more to shoot. The foreground was perfect near dusk, no people and no lights. Then we waited for hours! My Internet device did not seem to be accurate? Finally, starting at about 1:30AM the Milky Way was in the correct position. I have done the Milky Way for few years now, and all the possible ideas were considered with both the left and right sides of my brains. I made a few exposures in the early morning hours, and went home with my wife, Margaret. Milky Way photography is always challenging and rewarding. There are several new skills, or mindsets, that need to be mastered!