Milky Way and Moraine Lake

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September 2022
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Of all my 50 plus years in the High Sierra, Moraine Lake is at the top of the list rivaling Golden Bear Lake in Kings Canyon and Wales Lake is Sequoia National Park. There is an image to be posted later, captured mid-day on a cloudy noon morning that is amazing too. But here with darkness approaching all my preparation was perfect! I arrived a bit late, and with a workshop already setup in my chosen location. It is always a bit unnerving; I like to shoot alone. Well OK, but then my chosen camera, and older Canon 6D refused to make a capture. I was sure that I needed a wider lens than a 24mm, but that was not to be, my superb Sony IV was ready too. It turned out that scene was perfect for a 24mm. The newer SONY 24-70 is just incredible, the lends is amazing at 24mm and set to a wide-open f2.8! It is easy to focus the Milky Way shooting too. I relaxed and waited for my chosen time!