Dawn, the Palisades, June 2011

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June 2011
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I have been involved with Lightroom for more than decade now, and I had forgotten many of the older ways of digital preparation using Photoshop. There are always more free days in the winter, and more so with the endless issues of COVID-19.  I have learned from Creative Live in the past, and after perusing it in January, I chose a 128 lesson series on Photoshop with an instructor I have always liked, Ben Wilmore. I have completed up to lesson 70 now, and in virtually every class had something of value to me. Lightroom is incredible for artistic photographers, but Photoshop has been around a LONG time, and many tools in the program are far more advanced, and there are many features which are not in Lightroom. I began to look through the older images in my Lightroom catalogue, to review them using my greater knowledge of both programs. And I must admit, to see what my foggy, and recently even more foggy mind missed on in earlier years. 

In June 2011, I made what at the time seemed to be a near useless trip up to the Palisades for a dawn shoot. The night was astonishing beautiful, but I had hoped that this lake would be melted a bit, but the winter of 2011 had been very heavy!. I forgot about the entire journey for almost 10 year, and for some reason never even considered this capture! That is amazing in itself. I am quite with result here. The Palisades are an incurably gorgeous area.