Dawn - Temple Crag and the Palisades

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July 2011
John Muir Wilderness, California
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This image was made during a workshop with trusted friends in the summer of 2011. I seldom do much shooting during workshops because the students always come first. Only after they have made their images do I set up and show how I might make a photograph. But here, we all knew each other well; it was a wonderful time to shoot and be out in the back-country with friends. We scouted the day before. I knew exactly where I wanted to set up. I had my Canon 5D with a panoramic head ready to go. This image was stitched together from four shots using the ultra sharp 24mm Shift/Tilt lens. I made the exposures just minutes after sunrise, about 5:50AM. This image shows all of the 14,000 foot peaks of the Palisades from Mount Sill, to North Palisade, and over to Thunderbolt Peak.