Fern Canyon in the Rain

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September 2021
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Fern Canyon is a very famous location in Redwood National Park, and appropriately so. It is right off the California coast, and it’s lined with old growth redwood trees and ferns. I always knew it was a wonderful spot to photograph, but the right light is essential, as is the right camera and lens. I was first there way back in 1990, and again with the kids in 2010. While they were lovely trips, they were awful for photographing! Later in my career I knew that Fern Canyon really needed soft light to be captured. On the latest trip to the Redwoods with Margaret, I went out to capture just that, but wasn’t looking for light this soft! It was an absolute downpour, and if you look closely at the image you can see rain drops on the front of the camera lens. It was a challenge, but two images from the afternoon worked out very well.