Foggy Afternoon, Autumn at Siesta Lake

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November 2017
Yosemite National Park, California

The most satisfying image from our recent visit to Yosemite last November,  was made late in day. It seems like I have set my eyes upon Siesta Lake thousands of times over the years. It might be 50 years by now! Stormy weather is good weather for photography, and I am always making trips to the Valley late in the season. Many times the road is scheduled to close at 5PM in anticipation of a coming winter storm. This time I slipped past the closure at Crane Flat a few minutes before five. The cars disappeared from the road, I was completely alone. I ventured into the clouds and fog from the upcoming storm. The car seemed to stop by itself at Siesta Lake, I stepped outside, and was blown away by the quiet, the soft light, and the Autumn colors around the Lake. I KNEW it was a charmed moment for my camera. There were many captures to be done, but as I glanced up and to the west, I was sure this was the best. I will cherish these minutes at Siesta Lake for the rest of my life.