January on Quinalt Lake, Olympic NP

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January 2023
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“All we have to do is look for beauty, and she is there all around us at any given moment”.

I have visited Olympic National Park many times over the years, but I never had any idea of the beauty of the park in January. Checking the weather, it always seemed to be rainy, wet, and cold, not true it turns out, the Olympics were astonishing that month. Even so the highlight of the visit was the time spent with my son Dylan, and his fiancée, Lyndsey. We had several days of getting to know each other all over again, as adults this time. This is the first of several posts from this journey, but this moment, at this location was a true “stop the car” instant. The gentle diffused light and the floating dock, situated on a huge windless magnificent lake, is a memory we will not forget anytime soon. Lake Quinault is an inspiring locale that I will visit again! And this particular impression will be always be with me…