Misty Moss - Nooksack River

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January 2019
Bellingham, WA
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Recently, I made a trip to Bellingham, Washington. I have been teaching private workshops for years, and I’ve met many unique clients. One of those individuals invited me up North in the dead of winter. I admit I was a bit skeptical—I knew he could really use his camera, but January? In northern Washington? Of course, he was completely right about the area. It was so mild compared to my home region around Mammoth, and so lush and green. We made two trips along the Mount Baker Highway, and the Nooksack River was spectacular. I spent two days shooting both here and down in town at various wonderful walking parks. In the evening there were a few sprinklings of rain, but I never had to wear gear during the day. The rain and overcast in general made all-day shooting possible, and the trees were always wet with amazing greens due to the light storms. I will be making more trips to the northern coast in the next few years!