Misty Autumn - Intake Two

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October 1999
above Bishop, California

Bishop Creek autumn color of 1999 was beautiful but fleeting. By this October day, the usual locations were over for the year, so I went to a place that changes late. It was windy and the sun was too high leaving deep shadows. I pondered how to photograph in this situation and remembered I had an old Calumet diffusing/warming filter in my pack. It’s okay to have motion with a diffusing filter, and it would soften the contrast in a harsh scene. Having seldom used this filter, I took a chance. The transparency ended up filed away for five years. Then, 2004 was slim for new images, so I looked through old stuff and found Misty Autumn Intake 2 and Rock Creek afternoon Colors both of which had wonderful potential and might never have been printed had I not looked back.