La Casa de Suenos

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December 2005
Punta Gorda, Baja, Mexico
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At Christmastime, 2005, my family was invited to a magical oceanfront home east of San Jose Del Cabo at the southern tip of Baja. We spent several days kayaking, fishing, and enjoying beach life - a distinctly different twist from our mountain lifestyle. After playing in the ocean, we would rinse off in the exotic outdoor pool. I was taken by the shades of blue encompassing the sky and the pool, juxtaposed with the green background wall. In all my work, I usually follow a pattern, preferring simple classic and clean stark compositions. Over several days, I tried three ideas: one with part of a nearby veranda; one a vertical with more sky. In the end, I preferred this simple frame-filling horizontal view, using my polarizer to see inside the green water and eliminate unwanted reflections.