Early Autumn below Lake Sabrina

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October 2015
Early Autumn below Lake Sabrina
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Since we moved to Mammoth in 2003, I have always missed Bishop Creek in the autumn weeks of late September and October. I have made only a few trips down to that area in years now. I did make the journey back in October 2015 during a private workshop. The area is still wonderful! And in many ways, I am seeing the canyons with "new eyes" all these years later in my career. There are opportunities everywhere. 2015 was a questionable year because of the long drought in the West, but here in the eastern Sierra the autumn colors were wonderful. I was 60 the day before, and I treated myself to a new Canon 5DS 50MP camera. This was my first day with this amazing machine! I was very happy with results, and happy to be back with Canon again after a summer with my Sony. The Sony is much lighter for the back-country, but the new Canon is more comfortable for me!