Mount Humphreys from near Golden Trout Lake

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July 2012
John Muir Wilderness, CA
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I made this image just below a wonderfully beautiful lake on the Glacier Divide. This divide is located on the north border of Kings Canyon National Park. My wife, Margaret and I both felt wonderful on this trip. It was our first visit to the mountains, alone, without kids in almost 23 years! We had an easy time hiking in, and settled into camp. Clouds and showers developed over our tent, and it seemed that the light would fade late in the day. But after all these years in the High Sierra, I knew there was a chance that the sun could peak out beneath the clouds during the last minutes of the day. I was making dinner and glanced up - and then took off running like my body was thirty years younger. Fortunately, I did not crash and burn during two creek crossings, and arrived at this pre-scouted location just in time. This is the best sunset light that I have ever witnessed on the high summit of Mount Humphreys. The summit is just a tad below 14,000 feet. This was the second of two images made about 90 seconds apart.