Incredible Late Autumn in Tuolumne

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December 2012
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“Take a break. Step outside. Breathe in a dose of nature.”
Summer is here. Go and take that breath in the Wilderness. The streams of the Eastern Sierra are running exceedingly high! The weather is a bit hot in Mammoth, but the backcountry is starting to be gorgeous.
I was rummaging through older work in the coffee shop last week, and came across this older capture, taken with my first real Canon Mark II camera. I wish I still had that camera, it was a beautiful machine, first introduced in 2008! I am into Sony cameras now, but that older Canon would still work fine, remember that I shoot from “the right-side of brains.”
I came across this amazing image! I had never been able to work with the capture in earlier versions of Lightroom, the rainbow was very faint, the light lasted for seconds, and I used an older zoom lens – really the image just never recorded correctly on my memory card. Or so I thought! I have been using Topaz for noise reduction and sharpening. But now that Topaz AI is released, it is wonderful for Canvas Giclee printing. But I was blown away with this capture! I am a bit uncomfortable though. Adobe will release Lightroom AI and Photoshop AI any day, they are both in test versions.
The rainbow and Mount Conness never looked this good in real life, I imagined it, but this concept never succeeded until Topaz AI spent an hour working on this capture of the rainbow and the foreground.
What do you believe about this result? I know older purists would say, NO! But our world is changing fast with the coming technologies. No one can stop this process.
Sitting here in another coffee shop at 67, I know in which direction I want my work to grow. But I am wondering what you believe. Please let me know.