Lee Vining Aspens and Color

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October 2012
Near Lee Vining, CA
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I have been trying to make vertical panoramics for years, and I have had some difficulty. It is a format that I just do not notice on a regular basis. And some images in this aspect ratio are quite good. There are thousands of captures in my digital portfolio, so I decided to take a look. Quite by surprise I came across this image of the canyons near Mono Lake. It has a delightful composition, captured in just the right light early in the morning. I made this image about 7:30, long after sunrise, but just before the sunlight reached into the aspens. This was on one of those Mondays just after a workshop when I return to work on subjects that caught my eye over the weekend. I seldom shoot extensively in a workshop. The responsibilities of being a workshop leader, and being a mindful image do not mesh all that well together.