The Milky Way over Thousand Island Lake

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September 2023
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“Meditation isn’t about believing anything. It’s simply about befriending the mind.”

This is so true about my way of shooting; I’m always shooting with the right-side of my brains. There is never any internal discussion about F-Stops, what ISO to use, what lens; it is all automatic. But what about AI that has creeped into imaging software the last few months or so. Or here is another one, maybe this capability has always been around since the beginning of Photoshop.

But let’s start with background story, the good part! The Milky Way at 1000 Island Lake has ALWAYS been on my list, and I must admit that my time for longer hikes is drawing to close. Anyone who knows me, knows that this concept is very anathema to me. I am fighting every day to keep active. The New Moon in September is the perfect time to make the trip. I packed up and headed up the River Trail to the Lake. Sounds easy enough, maybe 8 miles each way, but it was still a hard hike at my age, 68 in a few days. But it was so worth it, I scouted around for a bit, found a good location, set up the camera, had a good dinner. And then made all the appropriate captures for the Milky Way. Then trouble happened. I moved away from the tripod, and fell to my right, there was no stopping the fall. I need to consider this more and I had two crashes last winter too and wound at Renown Medical Center in Reno. The falls felt just the same too, just toppling over with no chance of recovery. But I knew I HAD the makings of a portfolio image, and the walkout was just serene and wonderful.

Here is the AI part. Topaz and Adobe both have AI built into their products. Lately I have been liking Adobe more, Topaz is slow, and the denoise feature in Lightroom is superb. I used the denoise feature in the star capture and the lake capture and then stacked them together. Sounds like a LOT of AI to me, but it presents my image the way I wanted to present to my clients! I am happy with the result. The real AI is out there, and it scares me more than a little bit.

What do you think about selectively using AI to present my vision?

Thank you!